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Loop Cube Meeting Pod

Privacy where you need it, when you need it.

Loop Phone Booths are private soundproof pods designed for increasingly open work environments and a world that is on the go. Our modern office phone booths and meeting rooms improve productivity in open-concept offices, allowing workers to take private phone or online calls without occupying conference rooms or having to wander far from their work station. Offered in a wide range of finishes, Loop Phone Booths and meeting pods are high quality, fully customizable furniture fit for any open interior space.

Loop helps you focus on what you do best.

Much like yourself, we live and breathe good design by creating furniture that inspires, improves, and adapts to the changing ways that people work. Loop privacy pods let you focus on what you do best… because we know you’re not just chasing the future, you’re building it.

A woman wearing pink sits in a 1 person office phone booth and looks outward

Our Products

Every office phone booth that we make is meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail by our talented team of fabricators. We stand behind our quality and product performance and we know the story behind each booth because we are both the designers who imagined it and the craftspeople who build it. The materials we select, including our hardwood exterior, laminate interior, and upholstery are hand picked for both their quality and sustainability.

A man and a woman meet in a tan Loop Cube phone booth
A man and a woman meet in a tan Loop Cube phone booth

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Enjoy privacy inside a Loop Phone Booth surrounded by carefully constructed sound dampening interiors designed for a pleasant experience.

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