5 Products You Need to Have in Your Open Concept Office

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It is likely that you spent time weighing the pros and cons of various layout designs before zeroing in on an open concept office space for your organization.  No doubt this is because open concept offices are able to provide you with a number of benefits.

In order to capitalize on your choice of layout design to the maximum extent, it is essential to furnish and decorate the space in an appropriate manner. Here are some products that should top your list when shopping for your open concept office:

Choose Ergonomic Chairs

When at the workplace, your employees will likely spend the majority of their day sitting—at their desks, in the conference room, at the cafeteria, and so on. Sitting for an extended period of time on a regular basis can give rise to a range of health problems including joint aches, neck pain, spinal problems, and cardiovascular disease to name a few; thus the adage “sitting is the new smoking”.

While your employees may not be able to avoid sitting for long periods, you can help alleviate the situation by introducing ergonomic chairs for them. Besides improving your employees’ health, you will be doing yourself a favor as studies indicate that simply switching to ergonomic seating helps boost productivity by over 17%!

Ergonomic chairs are available in a wide range of budgets to suit every kind of décor.

Consider Sit-Stand Desks

Your aim should be to offer employees a workplace that provides for adaptability and scalability. One way of achieving this is by incorporating furniture that is flexible and can be modified to suit changing requirements at the workplace.

Introducing sit-stand desks with provisions to add or reduce stations is a good first step in this direction. This way, employees are free to turn their desks into collaborative spaces when required without having to compromise on their space or storage solutions. In addition to the health benefits associated with these desks, they have been found useful in ensuring efficiency by helping improve the moods of employees through reducing tension and stress.

Ergonomic chairs and desks are vital in motivating employees to perform well in an open concept office space.

Install Privacy Pods

While an open concept office space comes with a long list of benefits it scores low on the privacy factor and can be a hub for distractions. This can be frustrating when your employees need to focus on certain tasks, such as making a confidential phone call or when trying to meet a tough deadline.

At times like this, privacy pods such as the Loop Phone Booth can come in handy. Made from high quality materials, this booth is entirely customizable and comes pre-assembled. The choice of finishes available makes it easy for the booths to blend in with all kinds of décor themes and these noise-reducing phone booths also comes with a sleek glass door and an ergonomic bench design for seating comfort.

Go For Partition or Privacy Walls

While the absence of walls is what chiefly distinguishes the open concept office layout from others, there are times when a partition or privacy wall can come in handy. These are temporary fixtures made from translucent and sound absorbing materials that can provide privacy and reduce noise without compromising on your open office design. Usually suspended from cables, they are suitable for installation in new spaces as well as for retrofitting existing offices. The neutral color palette and lightweight construction make it easy for these to be incorporated into most layout designs.

Pick Innovative Storage Solutions

One concern you might have had when opting for an open concept office space is in determining the storage options available to you,  as every office comes with its own storage requirements for office supplies, books, and binders to name a few. An organized office space without any visible clutter is a soothing place and also creates a positive first impression on visitors and prospective clients. In an open office layout, it is essential to provide storage solutions without blocking the sight lines between employees in adjacent workstations. Ingenious designs that go over the workstations with minimal obstructions like beams and posts are getting popular and might be perfect for your office.

Well-designed, open concept offices can result in satisfied and productive employees. This is possible in a design which addresses the need for occasional privacy by making provisions for eliminating noise and distractions when required. By ensuring that your employees look forward to coming to work every day, you can cut down on attrition while upping productivity, thus securing the well-being and profitability of your organization.