7 Design Trends Making Their Way Into 2019

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The New Year is here, and it is time to take a look at the interior design trends that are likely to make a splash across offices in 2019. A combination of efficiency, ergonomics, and aesthetics appears to be the driving force in the segment over the next few months. Here are some office design trends to watch out for:


  • Employee-Friendly Spaces


With a youthful workforce walking into offices over the next couple of years, the focus of office design will shift to experience-driven spaces aimed at enhancing employee experience. Introducing features such as meditation areas, game rooms, walking or jogging trails, and rock climbing walls to promote overall wellness and happy employees is what this trend is all about.


  • Co-Habitation Will Be The Norm


Co-working spaces are already in vogue but the new cohabitation revolution will see walls disappear, and  have organizations sharing the same space, resources, and even talent. Having originated in the tech sector, such workspaces are slowly making their way into all kinds of businesses. Besides an open plan office, other characteristics of cohabitation spaces are multi-use meeting spaces, liberal use of glass, indoor plants and greenery, comfortable seating arrangements, coffee or espresso bars, and lightweight mobile furniture such as the Loop Phone Booth to provide privacy when required. Crafted from excellent quality materials, this pod offers a quiet sanctuary when people need to think in solitude or make an important phone call. This pre-assembled, soundproof booth is available in a variety of finishes to suit every decor theme.


  • Getting Close to Nature


Biophilic designs are making their presence felt! From living green walls to use of natural materials such as wood and stone, this trend which started off as a fashion statement is now almost a  necessity, given the times we live in. A micro trend in this category is the moss wall which is perfect for small enterprises that might not be able to be part of the green wall movement otherwise. Here, preserved moss is arranged into various design patterns to create an unusual  wall.

Office design trends for 2019 are in keeping with comfort at the workplace.

Source: Pixabay.com


  • Collaborative Furniture


Optimal productivity at the workplace is ensured when there is effective collaboration among the employees. It is a fact that people tend to open up and communicate better when they are comfortable and relaxed. Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a plush sofa or a couple of bean bags and rockers can turn your space into a place conducive to innovation. Freestanding media units that make impromptu visual presentations convenient, and large meeting desks that come with power outlets and provisions for height adjustments are some other examples.


  • Ring in The New With the Old


Restoring and renovating old buildings and structures to give them a whole new look is something that never goes out of style, and will continue to be a significant design trend in 2019.  This trend has now extended to include places such as abandoned warehouses or manufacturing plants, old fishing yards, and deserted waterfront spots. The focus here is on a mix of weathered and antique textures, traditional craftsmanship and glass and metal fixtures with modern design accents.


  • Unique Patterns


Abstract or geometric patterns in bold colors have a natural effect and give a vibrant look and feel to your space. The use of colors such as rose gold, grey, and dark green tend to give patterns a modern edge and instantly transform a room. Meeting rooms, hallways, lobbies –  there is no limit to imagination and placing when it comes to patterns. It also helps create an impression about the organization’s work culture among clients and visitors.


  • Keep it Sleek


Minimalism is leading the way in office design trends,  and the ‘barely there’ office design is perfect for a slim and sleek look. Keeping the office space free of clutter, and designing storage in such a way that it blends into the walls helps employees avoid distractions. Subtle style with just a splash of color here or there can have far greater impact than an office crammed with gadgets and tools of the trade. Keeping things to a minimum can also prove an advantage in a small office space as it creates the feeling of openness.

“As the job market grows more competitive for employers, companies are recognizing the advantages creating a modern workplace environment provides in attracting and retaining talent,” says Laura Burns-Lambert, sensory designer for Ambius. But there is no one size fits all formula when it comes to office design trends. So, just pick and choose one or more of these design trends for your office space based on your specific industry requirements.