At Loop, we believe that good design always starts with understanding a problem. Back in 2015, the problem of noise and distractions in open concept offices led us to create Loop Phone Booths. At that time, the idea of mobile privacy pods for open concept offices was a novel idea. Since then, phone booths have gone mainstream. Inexpensive, poorly constructed, uncertified office pods have flooded the market.

As a design driven company, we took a different approach – one grounded in research and quality construction while resisting the urge to enter a race to the bottom. So when we saw an unmet need, we focused on understanding the spaces of our customers.

Design of coworking or loft space.

Designed for Startups and Coworking Spaces

Our primary focus was on two demographics that had a strong need for flexible office spaces: Startups and Coworking Spaces. These two types of organizations have a number of common needs. 

  1. Make the most out of every square inch of space available.
  2. Focus on spending money that drives growth which creates budgetary constraints.
  3. Often are located in atypical office spaces such as a warehouse or loft. 

Who doesn’t love polished concrete floors, big overhead beams, exposed mechanical, floor to ceiling windows, and brick walls? The style created by these materials is the dream office for any disruptive Startup looking to attract talent. And when trying to impress prospective tenants, industrial chic is ideal for edgy Coworking organizations. Unfortunately, these spaces are a nightmare for distractions with all those hard surfaces causing noisy reflections. Understanding this problem, and considering our target groups parameters, we set off to create a brand new type of office pod to elevate workspaces – Loop Flex.

Loop is a Designer led company.

The design of Loop Flex was led by our owners and founders Brendan Gallagher and Nick Kazakoff. Through collaboration, we narrowed the general ideas down to a few forms for further exploration. Using 3D CAD modeling, we iterated on the designs. We also built full scale mock-ups and alpha prototypes in our production facility to test the proportions in the real world.

After many revisions, we narrowed the design down to three different options. Then we used VR technology to allow our team to test out the three variations. The advancement in this technology over the last few years allowed us to perfect the design features. 

Collaboration is key to a great product

Prior to moving forward with beta prototypes, we presented our concept to a variety of distribution partners, interior designers, end customers for feedback. This circular feedback loop ensured that the product was grounded in real world context and expectations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and allowed us to validate the design and move forward with prototyping.

Loop Flex office pod for startups.

Next, a series of beta prototypes were produced using advanced manufacturing techniques that pushed the limits of formed felt technology. After a number of assembly test trials were completed, the beta prototypes were provided to a handful of third party customers for product review and evaluation. Nearly one year after project kickoff, we were ready to move into production with Loop Flex.

Interior pressed PET fluted panel for office pods.

Design is our obsession.

There is nothing quite like seeing an idea come to life. It is why designers design, it is the hook that drives us to create. At Loop, we strive to exist on the forefront of workspace design. We think critically about the spaces around us, carefully listen to the dreams of our customers, and anticipate emerging trends. Loop Flex is born from over eight years of experience making office pods paired with in depth research into the needs of Startups and Coworking spaces. 

Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, Flex is an entirely new type of privacy pod in both form and function. Designed with a soft exterior and interior, Loop Flex absorbs reflective noise off of hard surfaces such as brick walls, concrete floors, big open windows, and exposed ceilings. The result is a more pleasant working environment for all. The unique PET fluting on the booth creates aesthetic interest while adding geometry that reduces direct sound reflection back at the user inside the booth. Inspired by technology found in concert halls, the panels block noise and ensures the conversation happening on the inside of the pod stays confidential. The simplicity of its construction makes Loop Flex a affordable entry level office pod without sacrificing quality. Manufactured and stocked in our facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Flex is ready to create quiet spaces for big ideas.

The office pod for big ideas.