Office Furniture Showrooms That Inspire

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Office Furniture Showrooms That Inspire

In 2020, you might think that shopping experiences revolve around the digital world. And while online resources can be a wealth of information for product details and set a mood for your business, the more expensive the product the more likely it is a customer wants to see it in person. Who would outfit an entire office sight unseen? While your website matters, it’s just as important to create an enticing showroom experience for your customers.

Customers who want higher-end finishing or are furnishing an entire office enter a showroom because they want to experience the possibilities. A beautiful and thoughtfully designed showroom can really elevate that. So, shine a light (literally) on your products and create a shopping experience that turns your prospects into profitable customers.

We‘ve made a list of five unique showrooms from the U.S., Europe and Asia to get you inspired for your showroom space.

Long lasting spirit and value at Net Office – Shenzhen, China

Inside the Net Office Showroom - Shenzhen, China

Net Office, their brand “net” (meaning ‘new elegant table’) and their 1,100 sq meters in Shenzhen, China utilizes spatial design with lighting that shines on focal points of the product.

Their showroom only carries some of the most high-end furniture products because they know they want to target customers who value modern, luxury products. They have clean, simple and well-detailed display systems to showcase their product lines. The setting draws their visitors in and tells a dramatic colour and light story of a customers’ potential office layout.

Visionary design at Bene Hamburg – Hamburg, Germany

Inside the Bene Hamburg showroom - Hamburg, Germany

Bene’s showroom in Hamburg utilizes clean lines and a structured style to focus attention on how the furniture uses space. They use bold colors and creative presentation to capture their visitors—creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

In addition, each of Bene’s showrooms include the IDEA LAB—a workshop space that customers can use for brainstorming, planning and presentations. This is a great way to delight your current customer base and continue to bring them into the showroom even after their initial customer interaction.


Modern and sleek at Court Office Furniture – New York, U.S.A.

Inside the Court Office Furniture showroom - New York, USA

Unlike the previous showrooms, Court uses a more simplified design technique to show their furniture offerings in action. While less theatrical than the previous showrooms, there’s no less impact in this expertly arranged display.

They make their displays multidimensional by varying their visual elements with different heights. They keep things neat and tidy to allow customers to find what they need faster. Lastly, they keep the showroom design clean with strategic focal points to draw visitors’ eyes to the most impressive features.


Rediscover the office at Hunts Office – Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Inside the Hunts Office showroom - Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Hunts Office does a fantastic job helping their prospects visualize their space with their four floors of showroom real-estate. Unlike Net Office, their lighting isn’t moody, instead using ambient lighting to create a sense of comfort and professionalism. Their creative setups show off collaborative areas for the open office against a backdrop of clean white punctuated with funky accent walls.


The best products front and center at Highmoon – Dubai, U.A.E.

Inside the Highmoon showroom - Dubai, U.A.E.

Highmoon decided to put their top-rated product offerings at the store entrance, regardless of price. This communicates to your visitors what you are capable of and it is a great conversation starter for staff to prospective customers.

They have also created ‘departments’ to allow visitors to avoid wandering aimlessly throughout the store. Instead, the showroom flows logically. Related products are adjacent to each other and it’s easy for the visitor to focus on big features such as reception desks, workstation furniture or privacy booths.

Showrooms are an integral part in capturing a profitable customer database. If you’re pushing high-end product that calls for a large investment, people enjoy having the option to see and feel the products as they will be in their office. They give you the opportunity to wow your prospects, but they also build trust.

If you give your prospects an opportunity to “test drive” your product, deliver an excellent customer experience, and make an impression with the showroom itself, you’ll keep customers coming back as their company grows.

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