What is Loop Cube?

Team collaboration and interconnected departments in organizations are the new reality of doing business. Within these fast paced environments of constant growth and change there is a necessity for highly flexible, task-dependant work spaces. Long gone are the days of huge boardrooms and empty, under utilized conference spaces. However, there are still group tasks that require high levels of focus and privacy. 

As an alternative to larger conference rooms, the Loop Cube provides a comfortable space to perform collaborative tasks for up to four individuals. Within these quiet office phone booths, you’ll never worry about your meeting being overheard or disrupting the focus of your surrounding colleagues again.

Where do you use Loop Cube?

The Loop Cube is perfect for short impromptu discussions and yet comfortable enough for marathon meetings. These spacious pods facilitate team work, increasing productivity while adding beautiful and unique meeting spaces that easily integrate into vibrant open areas. Adding micro meeting spaces puts an end to under utilized board rooms and optimizes the square footage of your office. Our acoustic pods provide an alternative to traditional meeting spaces, adding increased utility to a modern open plan. 

Coworking and collaboration has become the new standard in recent years. These environments where multiple companies inhabit a single space can lead to the mutually beneficial exchange of ideas, and the Loop Cube is there to help facilitate. Information sharing and collaboration are the new kings of corporate culture. These flexible meeting pods provide a comfortable space for up to four while being able to move with you as your company or Coworking space grows.  Loop office phone booths offer an office furniture solution for these ever-evolving, innovative work environments.

Public spaces have never been great for moments of privacy. However, what if your brief team meeting becomes a distraction to all those around you? Where do you chat quietly in groups in a library, hospital, or event? The Loop Cube is the perfect acoustic solution for any public space. Just step inside our noise cancelling booth, sit down, and relax knowing that your conversation is not going to irritate those around you.


Why use a Loop Cube?

Instant Privacy

Enjoy private meetings for up to four people surrounded by a carefully constructed sound dampening interior and 10mm glass door.

Quick Assembly

Shipped in three pieces, designed to fit through tight spaces, and be assembled in less than an hour.

Ergonomic Design

Our integrated bench seats have been designed and thoroughly tested for comfort no matter who is using the space.

Customizable Features and Look

With such a wide variety of customizable finishes available on our sound proof booths, there is a combination to suit every interior. 

Comfortable Functional Workspace

The Loop Cube comes standard with a built in desk for laptops, LED lights, and a four fan circulation system.

Fully Equipped Outlets

We offer our phone booths in a variety of electrical, network, and usb configurations to ensure that our booths meet your requirements.

Practical Durability

Designed and built to last with stainless steel kick plates, easy to clean laminate, and highly durable seat upholstery.

Modern Aesthetic

Our product stands out with a unique form that embraces the beautiful contrast between a warm wooden exterior and brightly coloured interior.


What do Loop Cubes have?

  • Seats 1 – 4
  • H 80.5″ / W 85″ / L 46.5″
  • 1,600 lbs
  • Two doors 10 mm clear tempered glass (optional frosted glass)
  • True hardwood exterior
  • Durable laminate interior
  • Cork, felt, or glass back panel
  • Canadian Made
  • Standard power outlet (optional network and USB ports)
  • LED lighting
  • Positive pressure four fan ventilation system
  • Occupancy Sensor
  • Concealed magnetic door closure
  • High quality upholstered seats with ergonomic backrest
  • Floating work desk


Looking for downloadable content for the Loop Cube?

If you are looking for a 3D CAD file of the Loop Cube to drop into your next project we have a variety of file types to choose from. Our downloadable catalogue is a summary of the features with photos and is great for presentations!

Build a Booth

Design your own Loop Phone Booth with our customizer tool.

We offer a wide variety of customizable options on Loop Solo (single person occupancy) and Loop Cube (two to four person occupancy) booths for you to choose from. From interior and exterior finishes to a variety of electrical configurations, we can build a phone booth to suit any interior environment.

Customize a booth