Protecting frontline workers

The COVID-19 global pandemic has put incredible stress on economies and healthcare systems around the world. As we look to shift away from imposed isolation and gradually return to the new normal, widespread rapid testing will be an essential process to effectively identify cases of infection and reduce the spread. The high risk of infection combined with the scarcity of PPE means that now more than ever is the time for innovation in screening methods to ensure efficiency and the safety of frontline workers.

The Rapid Screening Booth

In response to this need, Loop has developed a modular system designed to facilitate screening for COVID-19 in a variety of situations. The Rapid Screening Booth allows healthcare professionals to perform testing, screening and evaluations on patients in a safe environment while also reducing the quantities of PPE used. Workers are shielded from direct exposure while patients interact in a space that is easily cleaned and disinfected between patients. This system can serve as a stand-alone testing site, or as part of a larger system in a layout designed to suit your needs and space requirements.

Simple, Modular, Expandable

Rapid Screening Booth with extended wall partitions as an added barrier.

Two Rapid Screening Booths with extended wall partitions and a central barrier.

Open system with glass partition separating healthcare worker from patient.

Key Features

Durable tempered glass partition between patient and healthcare worker with integrated gloves and 2-way communication system
Shipped as 8 components in single crate
Continuous positive air pressure system with HEPA filters greatly reduces risk during interaction with patient
Shelf on interior and exterior of glass partition for essential equipment
Integrated Magnehelic gauge to monitor positive pressure in booth
Simple assembly, 2-person set up of each booth in under an hour
Easy to clean and disinfect surfaces with compatible cleaners
Operates using a standard 120 V outlet to power the fans and ventilation system.
Lightweight polycarbonate door with full magnetic seal
Designed to be used as a stand-alone testing site, or as part of a larger system with multiple possible arrangements

Technical Specifications

  • 38” x 38” interior standing space for Healthcare professional
  • Canadian Made
  • ¼” aluminum plated side walls are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean with a Class A fire rating
  • Anodized aluminum framework allows for easy assembly and variable arrangements
  • Magnetic rubber door seal
  • Fully enclosed positive pressure ventilation unit passes intake and exhaust air through HEPA certified filters
  • Ventilation fans UL and CSA certified for outdoor and indoor use
  • One-piece Butyl Gloves come standard for 8” diameter opening with mounting clamps. One-piece and two-piece Nitrile and Neoprene glove options also available.

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