Product Launch: Loop Air

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We have an exciting announcement thanks to the team at ONETWOSIX Design: we are adding a brand new product to our line! After gathering customer feedback, completing product testing exercises, and conducting focus groups, we are launching Loop Air.

Loop LAir offers an entry level solution for the need to include some private spaces in open concept offices. The product uses a wall mounted design system and can be hung at a variety of heights to accommodate sitting or standing configurations. Loop Air uses our tried and true construction methods and comes with an acoustic dampening felt panel and the same great selection of interior laminate and exterior wood options as what is used in the Loop Phone Booth.

Although it doesn’t provide the same amount of noise reduction as our completely enclosed units, Loop Air still provides a quiet and convenient space for a quick phone call. Also, due to the adaptable mounting heights, Loop Air is 100% accessible making it an ADA compliant design.

If you think that a Loop Air would be a good addition to your office or are looking for more information, get in touch through our contact page.