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Loop Flex hybrid office pod

What is a Flex?

At Loop, we strive to exist on the forefront of workspace design. We achieve this by closely listening to the dreams and desires of our customers while anticipating emerging trends in office culture. Loop Flex is the culmination of this research combined with countless hours of design iterations and dozens of prototypes. Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, Flex is an entirely new type of privacy pod in both form and function. Spaces with polished concrete, stark white walls, and floor to ceiling windows are beautiful to work in. However, providing a quiet and focused environment amid these hard, reflective surfaces is a challenge. This is why Loop Flex not only provides a calm environment inside, but also actively absorbs exterior ambient noise with its soft felt exterior. The result is a more pleasant working environment for the entire office.

Where do you use a Loop Flex?

Open Concept Offices

The Loop Flex is a versatile solution to distractions and noise pollution in open concept offices. These privacy pods can be placed around the office to increase productivity while adding a private space to contrast vibrant open areas. Adding a Loop Flex to your office puts an end to individually occupied board rooms, awkward stairwell phone calls, and disruptive loud talkers. The added benefit of Loop Flex’s soft PET panel construction is that it will help diminish noise inside and out.

At Home

The small footprint, soft visuals, accessibility, and flat-pack nature of the Loop Flex makes an ideal choice to provide a quiet place to work at home. Looking to provide a space for employees who find themselves working out-of-office? The Loop Flex is a perfect solution—and when your employees are ready to come back into the office, the Flex can come with them!

Co-Working Spaces

Busy co-working spaces are perfect for innovators who need some versatility in their work environment. With members shifting between meetings, phone calls, and computer work, these spaces need to be able to accommodate a varying number of people in a variety of situations—the Loop Flex is an answer to this problem. Flex provides a compact and comfortable space that can adapt to the users needs and is ready to rearrange as the co-working space changes to suit the needs of its members.

Features of the Loop Flex

Doubly Effective

A formed PET felt panel exterior blocks sound from entering the booth while absorbing ambient office noise—resulting in a quieter, more pleasant workplace experience for all.

Easy Installation

The Loop Flex ships flat packed and is easily assembled on site in under one hour by the end customer or an installer.

Designed to be Flexible

Flex has a low transition floor and a standing height desk designed for use with your laptop or tablet, perfect for quick meetings—or pull in a counter height chair and get comfortable!

Fully Equipped

Comes standard with LED lighting, two power and USB connections, a convenient hook for your bag or coat, and an active two-fan ventilation system.


Seats 1

H 86″ / W 39″ / L 37.5″

400 lbs

10 mm clear tempered glass (optional frosted glass)

Pressed PET felt panels

Perforated powder coated acoustic back panel and components

Integrated, standing height desk

Canadian Made

Two integrated power and USB ports
LED lighting

Positive pressure two fan ventilation system

Occupancy Sensor

Low Transition

Looking for downloadable content for the Loop Flex?

If you are looking for a 3D CAD file of the Loop Flex to drop into your next project we have a variety of file types to choose from. Our downloadable catalogue is a summary of the features with photos and is great for presentations!

Loop Catalog

Loop Flex Spec Sheet

2D Plan View

3D CAD Model

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