Solo The one person privacy pod

Solo is a quiet sanctuary to work, take a phone call, or simply to collect your thoughts.

What is it?

Solo is a quiet sanctuary to work, take a phone call, or simply to collect your thoughts.

From open offices and co-working spaces to busy schools and large public areas. Fewer and fewer walls divide the world around us. However, this movement towards openness and collaboration comes at a cost: privacy. The Loop Solo helps fill this void by providing a quiet sanctuary to work, take a phone call, or simply to collect your thoughts.

Solo office pod render custom build

 Customizable Options

Desk & Floor: Laminate

Back Panel: PET Felt or Glass

Walls: Laminate or PET Felt

Exterior: Wood or Laminate

Two loop solo custom phone booths inside an office
A well-dressed woman speaks on the phone in a yellow Loop Solo while co-workers work quietly outside of it

Loop Solo

No Assembly Required

Shipped in one piece, designed to fit through tight spaces, and the only plug and play construction on the market.

Customizable Features

With such a wide variety of customizable finishes available on our Solo booths, there is a combination to suit every interior.

Modern Aesthetic

Our product stands out with its unique form and embraces the beautiful contrast between a warm wooden exterior and brightly coloured interior.

Fully Equipped

Each Loop Solo comes standard with a built-in desk, customizable outlets, an LED light, an ergonomic bench seat and two fan circulation system for comfort and functionality.

A Solo booth is the perfect companion for any office setting and sure beats taking over a boardroom for a phone call.



Seats 1

H 80.5″ / W 47.5″ / L 29.5″

550 lbs


10 mm clear tempered glass (optional frosted glass)

True hardwood exterior

Durable laminate interior

Cork, felt, or glass back panel

Optional tempered glass whiteboard

High quality upholstered seat with ergonomic backrest

Canadian made


Work desk

Occupancy Sensor

Standard power outlet (optional network and USB ports)

LED lighting

Positive pressure two fan ventilation system

Concealed magnetic door closure

Optional tempered glass whiteboard

Loop Solo custom dimensions
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      Frequently asked questions

      Here are some of the questions we have heard from our clients.

      More FAQ

      Loop Solos do not require sprinklers in any jurisdiction due to the fact that they are smaller than the square footage threshold as indicated by NFPA 13. Larger privacy pods may require sprinklers depending on the authority having jurisdiction. Our larger booths such as the Loop Cube, Loop Access 1, and Loop Access2, are provided standard with a sprinkler knockout. A certified self-contained sprinkler system is available for purchase as an add on for our larger booths upon request. Alternatively, a flex line connected to the building infrastructure may be installed. Directions on recommended sprinkler installation are included in our Instruction Manuals. All sprinkler installations are to be completed by a trained professional. If you have any questions about sprinklers, our product specialists are here to support.

      The materials and finishes used to construct Loop Phone Booths are commercial grade and were selected for ease of cleaning. Instructions for specific cleaning of materials are included in our Cleaning Instructions Guide.

      Phone Booths purchased in Canada and the United states must be third party certified to UL962 and listed by an accredited agency such ETL. This ensures that the booth has been tested for mechanical strength, tip tested, fire tested, and most importantly electrical tested. For booths sold in Canada, they also require certification to CSA C22.2. Loop Phone Booths are UL962 and CSA C22.2 certified by Intertek and are ETL listed. You can learn more about our industry leading approach to safety and certification here. In addition to our certifications, Loop Phone Booths are compliant with the current POD guidelines set by BIFMA.