The Importance of Branded Design in Your Office

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You are sure to be familiar with the process of branding as a marketing strategy. Here, a company comes up with an exclusive name and symbol that differentiates it from others. This helps people associate your organization with that particular logo or theme and keep it in their memory. In turn, extending the brand to your physical office space would be the next logical step.

This is much more than simply including the company logo or color into the office decor. Your branded office design must convey a message about your organization. For instance, the innovative, branded offices of big tech companies seek to communicate the message that they believe in working hard and playing harder! While it may not be possible for all businesses to go the Google or Apple way when it comes to branded office design, there are quite a few elements that can be introduced easily.

Get Set, Go

Start off by first identifying what message you want to convey with your branded design. Is your company a funky, cool organization with a youthful workforce in the music industry? Are you all about serious business and handling other people’s money such as an investment banking firm? What do you want your clients and employees to feel when they step into your office every time? Once you get the answer to these questions, it becomes easier to visualize what you want to do with your office.

This professional-looking lobby illustrates the importance of brand design in creating impressions.

Source: Pixabay.com


How to Go About It?

The key is to maintain a fine balance between creating an impression, and overwhelming people with your branded design elements.  It is important that your office tells a story while being inviting. People coming into the office should be aware of your branding from the moment they step in, but in a subtle way instead of it being in their face all the time.

You could do this by displaying your logo or the company name prominently in the reception area or the waiting lobby. Don’t go overboard and paint the walls also in the same shade as the logo! Instead, save the colors for the furniture or the walls at various locations across the office space. Pick customizable furniture such as the Loop Phone Booth to showcase your individuality. Available in various finishes and colors, these privacy pods are the perfect retreat for employees wanting to work in peace, make confidential calls, or simply rejuvenate their thought processes. Place your in-house reading materials or products in strategic places where visitors are likely to notice them.

Logos such as this are what contribute to the importance of brand design.


Why Opt for Branded Design?

Office branding can work wonders for your company and tell everyone what you are all about. You can create a welcoming ambiance for current and prospective clients and employees. Here are some reasons why you should look at incorporating your brand image into the work space:

    • Get Your Message Across:  Enables you to communicate messages quite efficiently and establish a higher degree of trust with customers and partners. It tells people about the goals and aims of your company, and reinforces the notion that you are an organized establishment. When you use quality materials and innovative ideas for your office branding, it underlines the idea that you will not compromise on either of those for your clients.
    • Encourages Employee Loyalty: Having the brand name, logo, and associated colors across the office space and, seeing it on a regular basis, leads to employees feeling a connection with the organization. It fosters a sense of ownership and encourages them to work with dedication, thus boosting productivity. This in turn, will do its part in shaping the company work culture.


  • Establish Your Identity – Set yourself apart from other businesses in the same field. Bespoke pieces of furniture that instantly lead to brand recognition are one good way of doing this. This will help customers recognize your brand better, relate to it, and get a comprehensive idea about your vision and goals. It speaks of consistency in behavior and improves trust between clients and the company, more so when your company has multiple locations or a large number of departments.
  • Enhances Value – Investors and partners are assured that you mean business and are committed to living up to your brand statements. For instance, using an open office layout shows that you take collaborative efforts seriously and it is not just a hollow claim.


Branding your office space is an effective tool that enables you to build up your business. It also helps maintain trusted relationships with customers, as well as employees, while improving their overall experience.