The Mobile Office Event

Scheduled to visit a variety Edmonton locations from May 13-16, 2019

The Mobile Office—designed and constructed by onetwosix design agency and outfitted by Solutions Business Interiors—features the Loop Phone Booth, an innovative open-office privacy solution created by onetwosix in 2014. Loop has since grown, with booths having been purchased by head offices of American tech companies like Pokémon, Shopify and Burt’s Bees. This increasing popularity in North America is due to Loop Headquarter’s convenient location in Edmonton, Alberta where the Loop Phone Booths are designed and manufactured. The Mobile Office is a platform for Loop to get to know Edmontonians better to see how Loop can work for them and their work spaces!

Come take a tour of The Mobile Office and meet the Edmonton design team who handcrafts this innovative privacy solution that has landed them some of the world’s most notable companies as clients and fans.

Take a pic and be sure to show your boss – this private phone booth will give you all the inspiration and quiet time you need to do your best work ever!

Come and see us at a stop near you!

Mobile Office map and Schedule

How can Loop Work for You?

“How people work has changed,” says onetwosix President Nick Kazakoff, who co-founded the agency with CEO Brendan Gallagher. “Rows of cubicles and giant boardrooms have been exchanged for large co-operative work stations and breakout spaces. But, the need for space to conduct confidential business, or take a minute to quietly collect your thoughts still exists. In our unrestricted work environment, these moments are more important than ever, and the Loop Phone Booth is designed to accommodate this need for privacy.”

“The reality is that many of us sit at a desk all day,” says Todd Bish, founder of Solutions Business Interiors, the Northern Alberta broker for Loop. “We want people to love where they work, and that starts with smart, functional and stylish office furnishings that keep you comfortable, productive and inspired. And, in today’s world, that also includes a phone booth! The Mobile Office is our way of showing Edmonton what offices will look like in the next decade and beyond.”

Let us get to know you and your office better and see the Loop Phone Booth in its (un)natural environment!

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Walnut and Chrome Yellow Loop Phone Booth with Glass Back