Which Loop Phone Booth Suits You Best?

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Statistics indicate that a large number of employees are unhappy with their office space. Of 250,000 employees surveyed across the world, only 57 percent were happy with their workplace. The study also indicates that employees’ activity profile and their physical environment are strongly linked, and have a significant impact on productivity. As open concept offices become more popular, emphasis needs to be placed on the need for a private, quiet, and confidential communication space. While it is true that easy access to coworkers can result in successful collaboration and teamwork, every employee also needs a certain amount of privacy to help them focus on efficiency. This is where an office privacy booth like the Loop Phone Booth can come in handy.

An office privacy booth can help employees be more productivity



Why Get a Loop Phone Booth?


Innovations in office design are taking place every day and the Loop Phone Booth is one such element. It can help employees boost efficiency by providing them an option to shut out the noise and focus on work. This office privacy booth is also useful for conducting confidential conversations with clients. The customizable features and the look of the Loop Phone Booth make it a versatile choice for all types of workspaces and décor. Designed to fit into tight spaces, these booths are shipped in one piece and do not require any assembly, letting you start reaping the benefits right from day one!

 A customizable office privacy booth such as the one from Loop might be the right solution.


While there are some things that are standard in Loop Phone Booths such as a built-in desk for laptops, an LED light, an occupancy sensor, magnetic door closure, a whiteboard for jotting notes, and a two-fan circulation system, there are quite a few other features that you can opt for including interior and exterior finishes and numerous electronic configurations. The variety of choices you have in customizing a Loop Phone Booth to suit your requirements can prove mind-boggling. Here are some tips to help you sift through the options and choose only the features that you really need.


  • Exterior:

    The exterior appearance of your office privacy booth should be such that it blends in with your existing décor effortlessly. The wood finish is available in maple, cherry, and walnut, ensuring the best possible match for you. You also get to choose whether you want the back panel to be felt, cork, or glass. Each of these materials has its own set of advantages, be it aesthetics or functionality. Cork and felt options have increased sound dampening qualities, while glass gives your phone booth a sleek look and allows for more natural light to filter throughout the office.


  • Colors:

    When choosing an interior color, besides ensuring it fits in with your current office theme, you need to make sure it complements the exterior finish of the booth. Remember that colors are associated with specific emotions and moods. So, pick your colors wisely. For instance, the color green is associated with growth and balance. It is also visually soothing and can have a calming effect on people. Similarly, yellow is thought to promote mental activity and enhance positivity which makes it a good choice for an office space. You can also choose between cloth and vinyl upholstery for the booth which are available in a variety of colors.


  • Tech-specs:

    Depending on your requirements, you can choose to have USB outlets and network provisions incorporated into your custom phone booth. This can be helpful when deadlines are fast approaching, or if employees need to stay connected while on a call with a client.


  • Privacy glass:

    Privacy is usually the chief purpose behind installing a phone booth in the workplace. This is why all Loop Phone Booths are equipped with 10mm clear tempered glass to protect the occupant from outside noise. However, you also have the option of having frosting applied to effectively obscure the inside view for optimal privacy.


  • Branding:

    Branding is an integral marketing tool while simultaneously nurturing loyalty and a sense of belonging among employees. You can have your company logo imprinted on your customized Loop Phone Booth. What better way of making a statement to employees and visitors alike than by displaying your brand prominently!


“The team from ONETWOSIX were great to work with. My client had proposed a significant change to the original design. ONETWOSIX didn’t flinch. They were able to adapt to these changes while maintaining the budget and timeline. In the end the client couldn’t be happier with quality, craftsmanship and functionality of the phone booths. Thanks so much the team at ONETWOSIX Design.”


It is important to remember that flexibility and adaptability are essential whenever you think of office design of any kind. The work space you come up with should be such that employees are motivated to succeed. The right mix of individual privacy and collaboration will ensure that you get there.