Which Office is the Best One For You And Your Employees?

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It is official. Where you work, matters—a lot.

The layout of an office, its design elements, the workstations, the location, are all related to employee productivity in some way or the other. In one study, involving employees who worked in technology, it was determined that 41% of those surveyed were satisfied at work because they had a say in where and when they worked. Studies indicate that the right type of workplace design can lead to your organization being more effective. So, if you want to attract the best talent and cut down employee turnover rates, then it might be time to give some serious thought to your office layout design.

Traditional or Modern?

Enclosed offices were extremely popular in the 60s and come with their own set of pros and cons. Affording maximum privacy, these offices also help cut down on distractions and noise pollution effectively. The downside is that this layout restricts easy communication between employees, impeding the smooth flow of work. Also, the hierarchical order is more marked based on the variations in allocated office space and location.

However, partitions and walls in the office have become a thing of the past with the open office layout taking over the world.  The fact is, you don’t want to risk being viewed as an organization that does not keep up with changing times. This is a good enough reason to go for the open office layout design.

Modern workspace design is characterized by cubicles with no partitions or low partitions with employees being seated in close proximity, usually along workbenches. However, each employee will have their own computer, phone, and other accessories. These layouts work well with activities that require regular collaboration and team effort such as in sales and marketing, but might not bode well for employees in other sections. Lack of privacy and excessive distractions may be some disadvantages of an open office layout.

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Flexibility is the Key

In an interview with Business.com, Michael Berretta, VP, International Workplace Group (IWG), says, “Work environments that facilitate a sense of community but also offer individual, private spaces have proven to be critical in building workplace satisfaction across the board. Workers are looking for a space that maximizes productivity while fueling creativity and inspiration. Employers realize there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to office design.”

Offering benefits of both the open and closed layouts, the activity-based workspace is a step in this direction.

The newest trend in offices across the globe, this mixed environment permits employees to work anywhere in the office depending on their current activity. For instance, if an employee is working on something that requires collaborative effort with colleagues such as learning some new application or assisting a new employee ease in, he or she can work from the common office area without any cubicles or walls. However, if the employee needs a great degree of focus to complete a particular task or privacy to make confidential phone calls, then they can move to an isolated spot to eliminate distractions. So, how do you incorporate this at your workplace?

Introducing a design element such as the Loop Phone Booth affords your employees this convenience even in the midst of a chaotic office work area. This stylish pod which is fully customizable, can be branded, and requires no assembly. This makes it easy for it to blend in with the rest of your office décor.

Other Reasons to Opt for Innovative Office Design

Improved productivity definitely tops the list of reasons to redesign your office space. Some other reasons to think along these lines are:

  • Better space management – A creative office layout design can help you make the most of the space you have available. A sprawling, drab space is less appealing than one that is well-planned and cheery, with everything that employees require during the work day within reach is definitely more attractive.
  • Improved health – With a layout that is innovative while facilitating movement of your employees, you are helping them towards better health without any extra effort required. Physical activity such as walking, even if it is just across the room or up a flight of stairs, is believed to enhance alertness and encourage collaboration.

Always remember that designing is more than simply positioning your office furniture the right way. The aim should be to produce an environment that is designed with the requirements and tastes of a diverse pool of workers in mind. It should be a space which employees look forward to arriving at and one which motivates them to excel each day.

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