A Guide to the Future of Office Spaces

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In 2019, it’s no secret that a well-designed office space can have a significant impact on employee performance. Study after study shows that an environment where employees feel calm and comfortable enables them to create their best work. This goes much deeper than a generic space for relaxation at the workplace, or introducing standing desks. 

What is the key to creating an office a space that boosts creativity and employee wellness? 

We’re glad you asked.

The future of office design is about individual well-being, as well as the collective, with a greater focus on aesthetics and functionality. We’ve rounded up the top cutting edge trends that just might improve the way we work:


Advances in Technology

The features of virtual reality (VR) shows and games are gradually becoming a part of daily life, and the office is no exception. Virtual walls that double as large screen monitors, and interactive 3D displays are making their way into office spaces. Instead of bulky projectors, we’ll have special screens to beam our presentations, eliminating the need for separate audio-visual rooms. Similarly, office entry passes and keycards will be history with facial recognition software, and iris scanning technology. This advancement would allow employees to move between different sections of the office space securely, quickly and with ease. 

Fluid Spaces

Open concept offices are fast losing their sheen, and understandably so. While the open concept is perfect for collaboration, it can present privacy challenges. The focus has now shifted to open office environments with privacy pods. These areas allow a quiet space for employees to make calls, hold a video conference or to simply clear their mind. Acoustic cones and privacy pods such as the Loop Solo or Loop Cube will become an integral part of office design across the globe. 

As the Loop Solo and Cube come with little to no assembly, they can be quickly integrated into the work space. They are also completely customizable, which allows them to be easily incorporated into any office design.

As well as privacy pods, rooms with differing levels of air conditioning or lighting will allow employees to customize their workspace to their comfort.


Sustainability will be at the fore in future office space design.

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable design helps to reduce negative impact on the environment by using energy conservation techniques. Think eco-friendly building materials, advanced recycling programs, and solar panels. Greener office spaces with an increased emphasis on sustainability are the new normal. From living green walls to rooftop gardens – natural elements are set to become standard fixtures of the modern workplace. 

Greener office spaces with an increased emphasis on sustainability are the new normal.


Hybrid Buildings

Rigid ideas about office design, be it open plans or cubicle farms, are quickly becoming outdated. Displaying individuality within your office design (that reflects the identity of your organization) is the new trend. As is a work environment that caters to the needs of employees. This is where multi-purpose buildings come in. An example of a multipurpose building would be an office complex with a daycare on the top floor, this allows employees to skip a step when commuting to work and preserves energy. 

Enter Techiture

This buzzword, a blend of technology and architecture, is set to be a game changer in the future of office design. It focuses on creating workplaces that are human centric rather than hardware driven. The aim here is to create interactive work environments which foster collaboration and creativity. This is possible by enabling employees to work freely across the office without being tied down. This means they would have access to things like a computer network, the right lighting, or a privacy pod wherever they go. Foldable displays and wireless chargers will mean employees do not require a dedicated, static workstation. Each employee and can work from wherever they feel most comfortable!


In the near future, your ideal workspace could be a renovated warehouse with a sprinkling of biophilic elements. You could arrive each morning to a different desk, but always be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. In the future of office design, the focus will be on creating a space that allows employees to feel comfortable and motivated to do their best work.