Unexpected design solutions for everyday workplace problems

through the lens of sustainability, beauty, and functionality.

Two People meeting in a loop cube office privacy pod
A Loop Solo office pod with a pink interior sits by itself on a pink background
People having a meeting inside a loop cube privacy pod

Our Story

Back in 2015, the idea of mobile pods designed to provide privacy amid the distractions of open concept offices was a novel idea. We know because we were the first company in North America to design and build custom privacy booths for business leaders on the forefront of office design, company culture, and work productivity. Since then, phone booths have gone mainstream. We resisted the urge to enter a race to the bottom. Instead, we held firm in our approach grounded in design research and quality construction. The result is a product line adored by those who invest in them and admired by those who aspire to.

The way that people think about the office has changed. Workspaces are no longer simply places for productivity. Instead, work environments have become spaces to build company culture, collaborate, and rally behind a common purpose. Designing offices that go beyond function and truly build excitement amongst teams is the new normal. And with hybrid models and the rise of video calls, private spaces for calls, focus, and collaboration are more important than ever. Loop Phone Booths and meeting pods are designed to enhance the experience of the modern workspace.

“Our goal is to improve the human experience through beautiful, functional, and sustainable design”

– Nick Kazakoff

Our Design Philosophy

The culture of how people work has changed. Outdated ideas of ownership, closed-door policies, and corporate hierarchy have been replaced by the concepts of sharing, transparency, and collaboration. This paradigm shift has resulted in open plan offices and a new set of requirements for workplaces. Rows of cubicles and giant boardrooms have been exchanged for large co-operative work stations and breakout spaces.

As corporate interiors move towards openness, spaces for privacy shrink; however the need for space to take a confidential phone call, conduct a private video conference, or take a minute to quietly collect your thoughts still exists. In our unrestricted work environment, these moments are more important than ever, and the Loop Phone Booth and meeting pods are designed to accommodate this need for privacy.

Loop Founders - photographed by Tina Chang

We believe in

an unrestricted work environment

Designed and handcrafted in Canada by the award-winning studio Onetwosix, Loop creates unexpected design solutions to everyday workplace problems through the lens of sustainability, beauty, and functionality. We are rule breakers, never satisfied with the status quo. Our sense of adventure pushes us to move fast and constantly chase the heels of progress. We offer the pinnacle of office phone booth functionality while providing nearly limitless customization of our iconic platform.

Our clients

Our customers believe in good design because they live it too—in the tech they build, in their marketing, in their brick and mortar retail spaces, and in their products.

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