Industries That Can Benefit From a Loop Phone Booth

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Marlon Brando once said, “Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.” His words assume particular significance today where privacy has become a watchword in more ways than one. Changes in workspace layout design, and the need to be on the move all the time, mean that it is often difficult to find a private space to conduct business, have a personal conversation, or simply relax and gather your thoughts.

This is where solutions that afford privacy in public spaces can come in handy. The Loop Phone Booth is an innovation that ensures privacy whenever you need it the most. Whether it is conducting a phone call in privacy, or finding a quiet space to concentrate, these stylish portable privacy pods can be the solution you seek. With plenty of customizable options (such as exterior finishes, colors, technical specifications, and branding), these privacy booths can blend in with all kinds of décor and work spaces.

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Open concept offices, without a doubt, are places where there is a definite need for such portable privacy pods. Sufficient research has been conducted about privacy and productivity at the workplace. This research has shown that a vast majority of employees are dissatisfied with their working environment. Now, more and more sectors and industries are gradually realizing the many benefits of installing private spaces.  It is not surprising that privacy booths have become an essential part of the office scene. Let’s take a look at the industries that are turning to privacy solutions and the reasons prompting them to do so:

Surgeon and Female Doctor Walk Through Hospital Hallway, They Consult Digital Tablet Computer while Talking about Patient's Health. Modern Bright Hospital with Professional Staff.

Hospitals are busy and hectic places with ongoing activity. While there are typically designated quiet areas in hospitals, they can be few and far between. This can make it difficult to find privacy when you need it. Making a simple phone call without being overheard, or without having to keep your voice to a whisper, is easier said than done in such an atmosphere. The convenience of a phone booth can provide the privacy necessary for phone calls, or even confidential health discussions, without having to worry about others being privy to sensitive information, or disturbing patients. Privacy solutions such as the Loop Phone Booth ship assembled and can be placed where required without the inconvenience of assembly.


When a classroom or lecture hall becomes too busy, a student’s concentration can be completely lost. Whether it’s other students causing a distraction, or loud background noise, The Loop Phone Booth can create a private space to refocus. These privacy pods can allow students to hone in on their work, isolate themselves from distractions, and get those last paragraphs of their essay done right in the knick of time.


Quiet and silence have been synonymous with libraries since time immemorial. However, this does not mean that they automatically assure one of privacy. For instance, when someone has to receive an urgent phone call, or complete work on sensitive documents, a phone booth can prove useful. Since libraries are often housed in age old buildings, making architectural or design changes to the structure in order to carve out private spaces can be difficult. Ready-to-install portable privacy pods eliminate this hassle, and can be customized to seamlessly blend in with the existing layout of the library.


busy airport
Traveling can be exciting, whether for work or leisure. However, this also means spending a lot of time transiting through busy airports. So, when there is an urgent need to send that important report, or you need some alone time for a quick business call, private booths can prove helpful. Equipped with USB ports and access to WIFI networks, these are definitely a step up from the lounges that are commonly found in airport terminals. While the lounges afford certain amenities, they do fall short on privacy in comparison to such booths.

With cost-effective and stylish privacy solutions such as the Loop Phone Booth, it has become quite easy to adopt a tailored privacy solution for specific locations and needs.