Acoustic solutions for the modern workspace.

The culture of how people work has changed. Outdated ideas of ownership, closed-door policies, and corporate hierarchy have been replaced by the concepts of sharing, transparency, and collaboration. This paradigm shift has resulted in open plan offices and a new set of requirements for workplaces. Rows of cubicles and giant boardrooms have been exchanged for large co-operative work stations and breakout spaces. As corporate interiors move towards openness, spaces for privacy shrink; however the need for space to take a confidential phone call, conduct a private video conference, or take a minute to quietly collect your thoughts still exists. In our unrestricted work environment, these moments are more important than ever, and the Loop Phone Booth and meeting pods are designed to accommodate this need for privacy.

At Loop, we believe that office acoustics and noise control play a major role in creating a healthy, comfortable, and productive work environment. Our design philosophy is focused on improving work environments through a functional, beautiful, and long-lasting product. Having a Loop Phone Booth or meeting pod in your office is statement that you believe in the value of modern design, the importance of employee well-being, and that you’re on the leading edge of today’s corporate culture and office structure.


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Who uses Loop Phone Booths?

When you purchase a Loop office phone booth or meeting pod, you’re casting a vote for functional design. And once you are in our corner, we’ll make sure to take care of you. From building a phone booth or meeting room pod to your exact specifications or going above and beyond to design a completely custom solution, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We know how critical time is in the B2B world, and we’ll meet tight deadlines so you can focus on what matters most – your business. We offer a comprehensive warranty and stand behind every Loop Phone Booth or meeting pod that leaves our facility.

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Innovative Modern Office Furniture, Meeting Pods & Office Phone Booths for Open Concept Offices

The Designers

Designed by onetwosix

onetwosix is a Canadian industrial design and creative studio. They help businesses turn great ideas into beautiful and functional products that can be manufactured efficiently and cost effectively. Their approach to design is human centered and they believe that products can be created without aesthetic or functional compromise. onetwosix design shakes up established industries by using a unique approach with a strong focus on prototyping to create game changing, innovative products.

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Customer Testimonials

We stand behind our customers the same way we stand behind our office phone booths, 100%. We are always just a quick phone call or email away.

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The Phone Booth

Our acoustic phone booths are designed with the modern work environment in mind: practical, beautiful, and customizable.

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Some questions come up more often than others. For a list of frequently asked questions and our answers, please see the link below.

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