“Loop provided creative solutions for an environment of collaboration in our offices.”

CETO – Intelligent Banking Solutions

For over 25 years, CETO has been innovating to elevate excellence and insights for the banking community across the United States. Through market expertise and data-driven solutions, they empower their clients to optimize performance, elevate customer experience, and maximize value. Today, CETO sits at the crossroads of banking and people, helping financial institutions and their respective communities thrive.

Ceto In situ

This forward thinking led CETO to design their office to enable creativity and collaboration. Careful consideration for office furniture selection that balanced the various needs of their team in an open office plan was an important part of the process. Our team at Loop Phone Booths worked with CETO to provide sound proof spaces for phone conversations and focused team meetings.

“With an open office plan that has a lot of hard surfaces (floor and ceiling), we needed options for private calls and small team meetings for staff.”

Ceto Swatches

CETO is a purpose driven organization with a strong visual identity – so colors and finish selections that align with their brand and space aesthetics were key considerations. Physical material samples of our commercial fabric, laminate and wood were provided to help CETO narrow their options from the thousands of possible combinations Loop can provide down to the selections that were meant for them. Paired with our online Design Your Booth tool, CETO was able to visualize their materials and ensure they embraced their brand and aligned with the design of their space.

“We are impressed with the design and excellent quality of Loop Phone Booths and how they compliment our office environment.”

Ceto Render

Using a combination of Loop Solos (single person occupancy office pods) and Loop Cubes (four person occupancy pods) CETO was able to give their team members the flexible private spaces that they needed in the office. This helped foster an environment of collaboration with reduced noise and distractions in the workspace as a whole. Loop privacy pods also helped improve their customer experience by creating ideal acoustics for video and virtual calls. Following their initial booth order and delivery, CETO purchased additional Loop Phone Booths for a secondary space build out.