Why is it important to know where your privacy pods are made?

For mature businesses and public organizations, it is important to purchase furniture that aligns with their environmental goals. Not only from an organizational perspective to promote sustainability and social responsibility, but also from a liability stance. When it comes to purchasing an office pod, how do you ensure what you are getting is safe and free from harmful chemicals? How do you know what impact your purchase has on creating waste in the environment? What assurances do you have that you are supporting a safe, ethical, and socially responsible furniture manufacturer? How do you align your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies with the office phone booths that your teams and clients sit in each and every day?

Loop Solo, Loop Access, and Loop Cube are BIFMA LEVEL 1 certified office pods

Sustainable office privacy pods are BIFMA LEVEL certified.

The answer is BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) LEVEL certification. The BIFMA LEVEL program is an internationally recognized furniture sustainability certification.  The program provides a comprehensive and transparent means to confidently source responsibly manufactured products. Put simply, LEVEL is to commercial furniture as LEED is to buildings.

Loop Phone Booths are among the first, and only, office pods to have achieved BIFMA LEVEL 1 Certification for our Loop Solo, Loop Cube, and Loop Access privacy pods.  

Sustainably manufactured and made by hand with quality, consistency, and attention to detail.

Why is BIFMA LEVEL so important?

When you select our BIFMA certified products, you can rest assured that our product, our manufacturing facility, and our company have undergone rigorous third-party assessments. This includes Operational Health & Safety policies, employee programs, community contributions, environmental impacts, and social initiatives. These policies are measured against the multi-attribute criteria defined in the ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard. All claims are third party audited prior to the products being listed on the BIFMA LEVEL Registry. Only products that are LEVEL certified will appear in the registry. When you purchase a product that is LEVEL certified, you are receiving a product and supporting a company that shares your environmental goals. 

BIFMA assess the environmental impact of materials, lifecycle, and end-of-life disposal, as well as the product’s contribution to clean indoor air quality through VOC testing. By providing a product that promotes better air quality, Loop contributes to the well-being and comfort of our customers. 

Beyond the comprehensive product and manufacture evaluations, BIFMA also assesses each company for its supplier’s practices including strict Labor Laws, Human Rights, and a United Nations Supplier Code of Conduct. When taken together, all these areas of assessment further instill confidence in purchasing.

Sustainable wood, high end, luxury phone booth and office pod design

We make sustainable privacy pods for people and our planet.

Achieving our BIFMA certification allows us to measure and improve upon our environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Loop is an environmentally conscious organization that contributes to inclusiveness and community resiliency. The work that went into our BIFMA LEVEL 1 program was highly collaborative with assistance provided by the talented team at EcoAmmo Sustainable Consulting. Sustainability and social certification is not the finish line. Instead, it is the first step towards creating better products for people and our planet. To learn more about our approach towards environmental and social responsibility, please visit the sustainability page on our website.