A well-dressed man takes a call in a Loop Solo while co-workers laugh outside of it

Customer satisfaction starts with exceeding expectations

Designing a quality product is one thing; standing behind it and providing an honest, consistent, and reliable customer experience is another. At Loop we believe that a great product experience goes well beyond the hand off to our customers. From providing free upholstery, laminate, and wood samples to creating custom design solutions upon request, we pride ourselves in building meaningful relationships with our customers. Most importantly, we are the exclusive designers and manufacturers behind Loop Phone Booths. Whether you are speaking to us directly or to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives in your region, we strive to ensure your satisfaction from the very first phone call.

Our Customers

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What are people saying?

A woman takes notes while on a phone call in a blue Loop Solo
The Loop team worked with our keen staff to create a phone booth that fit the aesthetic of our space. We liked our first one so much that we ordered and installed a second one for our office.

– Brandy Burdeniuk, Founder, EcoAmmo

The loop booths have been very well received from my team and our members! I run a coworking space and it is essential for our members to leave the open workspace and have private conversations which this has worked very well for. We highly recommend the booths for their aesthetic, practicality and an overall conversation piece.

– Danica Espiritu, Community and Operations Manager, The Pad

A Loop Solo with green cushions sits in the middle of an office space
A Loop Solo with red interior sits in the corner of a modern workspace
Both the end user and I are very happy with them. My biggest take away is the door, I am very impressed with how solid it is. The structural integrity far exceeded my expectations… it felt like that of a luxury car.

– Dustin Ervin, Sales Associate, Supply Source Inc.

The team from ONETWOSIX were great to work with. My client had proposed a significant change to the original design. ONETWOSIX didn’t flinch. They were able to adapt to these changes while maintaining the budget and timeline. In the end the client couldn’t be happier with quality, craftsmanship and functionality of the phone booths. Thanks so much to the team at ONETWOSIX Design.

– Chris Grandy, Senior Account Manager, North Sound Interiors
A Loop Solo sits in front of a brick wall in a modern office
A woman wearing an orange pant suit makes a phone call in a Loop Solo

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