The Advantages of Mass Customization

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In the past, the terms mass production and customizable were thought of as contradictory schools of thought in manufacturing. However, more recently a different approach to production that combines the benefits of both has come to the forefront. Mass Customization is the idea that the benefits of mass production can be paired with the individuality of a custom-made product. This is typically done by offering a basic package along with a range of features consumers can add or subtract. With this customization comes greater attachment and satisfaction with the finished product.

At Loop we hope to establish lasting relationships with our clients. Mass customization allows us to do so by fostering the creativity and uniqueness of our clients to produce a beautiful and long-lasting product that reflects them. By focusing on catering to our customer’s needs as an individual and enabling them to take control of the design process we are able to ensure satisfaction and have them build a relationship with their end product.

To best enable the character of our clients to shine through we currently offer close to 15,000 possible combinations of exterior finish, interior finish, upholstery and glass door options on our privacy phone booths. In addition, we are able to further customize depending on your needs. If you have any questions regarding options, please do not hesitate to contact us!